"The Older The Bull, The Stiffer The Horn”

Age 39-79
Gender Woman
Country United States
State California
City San Jose
ZIP/Postal Code 94088

I’m a generally happy and cheerful woman who loves possibilities and having options, a little shy and introverted (though a sociable introvert–I can spend hours laughing and talking with my people) so I’d prefer to get to know people some place relatively quiet. I am looking for people that I am attracted to, can bond deeply with, who understand the importance of attention and honesty, and my best friend would tell you that I am the most loyal and honest person she knows. I won’t sugar coat things to make you feel better, but I won’t berate your decisions. I would walk through fire to help you out, but am not someone you would want to cross.


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  1. John says:

    How do you feel about a bareback creampie marathon and are you on bc or risking it mmm

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