The ideal scenario for the stay at home to feel alive again..

Age 54
Gender Man
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
ZIP/Postal Code 19116

Do you feel like you just don’t even know what it’s like to even feel anymore let alone feel like your even alive. Are you so caught up in the thick of it all that you never stop to wonder where is your life or where did it go or that your so numb you don’t even feel alive anymore because it feels like your living out someone else’s plan fueling their needs with your entire being as its sucking out your soul??.. Feeling pretty is foreign and so far away you can’t remember the joy it used to spring into your being feeling desired and wanted.. Now your just a monotonous robot programmed to serve and maintain an institution that may not be what you have been led to believe… How would you like to learn a way to see things, the same things, but from a different angle/perspective?? This is a perspective that will make you never feel guilty again about anything. You will say wow nobody ever put it to me like that before..and it will make you really think..and you will be confronted by the reality of things verses the so called this is just how it is mentality that has been shoved down our throats by whom? The ones who made up the rules from way back??? The ones who set the standard for what is normal?? Really?? So killing is bad or good? Both.. Hmm.. Your a hero in war but a scumbag defending yourself if the lawyers all twist the story up in court.. Taking another life is what? Wrong? Killing is wrong period.. We use different perspectives to twist the meanings and sway the emotional support our way for whatever reasons.. Or you have to do that because the Bible says so. Ok well the Bible also says it was ok for 2 sisters to get their dad drunk and screw him so they could have kids. It also says the one guy killed his neighbor because he mistreated his dogs.. Yeah but..but now you hear how you can’t read too far into this story and its only meant for you to …and the interpretations never end.. One minute word for word next only take this much and dont worry about the 12 wives he also had… So what if..based on all of that so far you could learn how to understand the dynamics of perspective with an open mind that would reveal the real truth to you in a way that you would absolutely know it without ever knowing it was the truth as far as knowledge like factual book knowledge is concerned… Confused???…. There is a way and it is so powerful especially for women because you are designed in a way that captures all of this in your essence.. If you’re not bored and wanna learn more of how to feel like you never dreamed possible especially in your circumatance now then do tell..

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