Social Nudity Adventurous Lady Sought

Gender Man
Country United States
State Kansas
City Kansas
ZIP/Postal Code 66202

Here’s an invite for a place that’s fine to go
Everybody there will have plenty to show.
I’m a nice man with a big heart and not really rude
I would like to take a nice place (single) lady to a resort (camp)
where everybody is nude.
I’m looking for someone with an open mind and a kind heart
Not someone who will just sit around and fart!
I’m not looking for a lady that will mistake us for an incest couple (smile).
Just a nice lady that’s over 30 that will enjoy herself for a while.
If this is you and you’re really serious (and look good in shorts)
You can Email me at ***
I’m no prude so you can ask me anything you want!

It’s like a shared sense of intimacy amoung everyone present.
Without the barrier of clothes there is no automatic assignment of class status amoung everyone. At most places if you have to pee you just find a spot and go at it.Out in Missouri there is an 18 and older camp where you pretty much do as you like out in the open. Men can even walk around with erections and people don’t care.
For me me just starting out I would prefer the family nudist camps were there is no “adult” activity going on out in the open. Maybe one day I can work up to the “adult” ones (smile).
I hope you’re over 30 (or close to it) because the family camps tend to frown on incest couples (father/daughter) etc. Even though sex between old and young has always fascinated me I’ve never tried the incest route.
Because of me working at a very “public” job I’ve had to keep my interest in nudity. Thats why I want to visit an area outside of the town I live in.
Like I said you can ask me ANYTHING you want I will not blush. Just to give you time to let it all “soak in” if you feel better in not sending me a pic right off I will understand.
One more thing I think women look their sexiest when they were a blouse or a t shirt without a bra on underneath. I just look at that feel soooooo secure!



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