Seeking Local Slim Women for Fetish Play

Age 39
Gender Man
Country United States
State Florida
City High Springs
ZIP/Postal Code 32643
Street Address 7540 Ne 33Rd Way

Hi there. I am in search for a local woman that would perhaps be willing to help me fulfill some of my fetish fantasies. I have a tummy and bellybutton fetish and essentially I’m just looking for a woman that will let me worship her tummy and her bellybutton. No strings attached. This isn’t about sex, I mean I am sexually aroused by the sexy tummy of a woman, but I’m not looking for sex. All I want to do is worship a sexy woman’s tummy. I’m talking kissing, licking, caressing and bellybutton fingering and perhaps a little more if your into it, but that is all. You wouldn’t have to undress and the only part of your body you’d have to expose would be your tummy. I am looking for relatively slim women with slim waists and tummies. Thank you and I hope to get some responses. I am completely willing to pay for this as I really want my fetish needs fulfilled. I hope I can get some genuine responses.


I will not be going to any LINKS that you might send me. I’m wise to that scam so don’t even waste your time. I am not looking for sex or blow jobs or anything of that nature. All I am interested in is your tummy and bellybutton so when you send me pics please don’t send me pics you you opening up your vagina or og your ass or your bare breasts. I’m not interested in that. Send pics of your tummy. Pics of you wearing a bikini or a crop top. Pics that show your tummy.


Thank you.

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  1. Ash says:

    Hey email me I think I’m just what you’re looking for 🙂 ***

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