looking for a female tantra partner (new delhi or noida )

Gender Man
Country India
State New Delhi
City delhi
ZIP/Postal Code 110024


I am from delhi. learning about tantra and i am searching for a partner to experience and learn more about this. i know may be this is new for you and for some may be you have heard about this. no matter if you know about this or not, if not we together can learn and experience this.

tantra is very common in the osho teachings too.
i love one of his quotations – “Tantra is the natural way; the loose and the natural is the goal. You need not fight with the current; simply move with it, float with it. The river is going to the sea so why fight? Move with the river, become one with the river: surrender. Surrender is the keyword for Tantra; will is the keyword for Yoga. Yoga is the path of will; Tantra is the path of surrender.

“let your making love be more like a happening than like a making. The English expression ‘making love’ is ugly. How can you make love? It is not something like doing; it is not an action. It is a state. You can be in it but you cannot make it. You can move in it but you cannot do it. You can be loving but you cannot manipulate it. The whole western mind tries to manipulate everything.

Move slowly, touch each other’s bodies; play with each other’s bodies. The body is like a musical instrument. Don’t be in a hurry. Let things grow. If you move slowly, suddenly both your energies will rise together, as if something has possessed you. It will happen instantly and simultaneously together. Then only Tantra is possible. Move now into love ….

Just thank God. And never complain. Whatsoever happens is right. Don’t say ‘This has not happened. This should have happened.’ Who are we? He knows better. So just thank Him, whatsoever happens; thank Him with deep gratefulness. Bow down and put your head on the earth and remain there for a few moments in deep gratefulness.

mail me so that we can discuss more and move on.

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