Long term Fantasy – Help!

Age 55
Gender Man
Country United States
State Michigan
City Detroit
ZIP/Postal Code 48101

Hello, A nice safe, honest guy middle aged seeks a females help to fulfill a very, very long time and very personal fantasy, Although some would think strange, and not sure I would look all that great, at the same time sure I’m not alone in similar desires. I’m a strait married man with a specific fantasy that must stay private. At this point in my life, I think not doing something, or at least trying to fulfill this desire I’ve had since a young man would be a mistake. I’ve never shared this with someone close in my life, and really don’t think I want to, I’ve talked to individuals on line who say, you would not be hurting anyone, enjoy what you want to enjoy, be who you want to be and I think its time I do just that. OK,, so hear it is, I’d like to be fitted and wear a corset type prom dress, the prettier and more feminine the better, perhaps even a little on the short side. The scenario I’ve been over and over in my mind is a lost challenge or similar to someone and as payment having to wear the dress and accessories for a hole day. I seek someone to take charge of making sure I pay that dept properly and fully, to make sure I was stuck for some time, humiliated a bit. It can certainly be a version of that, and I understand someones time has value, Help make my fantasy fun and come true!! Michigan, Detroit metro area

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