Age 29
Gender Woman
Country United States
State Washington DC
City Seattle
ZIP/Postal Code 98113

I’m here looking for a complete man that love to have fun

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  1. Laslo says:

    Hello Seattle, Pittsburgh here…:)

    I’m only writing because I lost my heart in Seattle.. My true love moved there after her best friend seduced me at a party.. I was completely drunk and her friend wouldn’t stop touching and kissing me until I finally took her.. So, we had stupid drunk sex and my true love found out about it by the next morning.. She found out because her “friend” told her all about it.. It was the biggest mistake of my life.. I now regret it every single day and that was 20 years ago.. The worst part is I get to see my once upon a time soulmate on FB and it’s heart shattering.. I plan on living the rest of my life in regret and sadness, only because that’s how it has been ever since I lost her…..ugh:(

    lol sorry Kim.. I hope I’m not bringing you down.. But hey, If you by some miracle happen to know Tanya Miller can you pretty please tell her I love her more than she’ll ever realize, and that I will wait for her forever.. And please tell her that I listen to the song ‘back into my arms again” by Ace Frehley every day.. It’s as close as I can get to her.. That song is my life story, tell her.. Please and tyvvvvvvvm, Kim!!!

    If there is any way I can repay the favor please don’t hesitate to ask.. I’m a very warm, kind, open minded person with a big heart and I try to make friends with everyone. I’m just basically a broken heart’d fool trying to endure my time on this big blue crappy ball we call earth.. Oh hey I’m Jimmy btw.. And also hey, please forgive the weirdness of this message. I’m a dreamer and a hopeless romantic and I try to hold on to any kind of hope what-so-ever.. I’m betting you feel me on that…;)

    Thank you for your time Kim… Btw you are a very beautiful woman.. I’d ask you out for a date but you said you are looking for a complete man.. I am only almost complete.. My heart still belongs to Tanya, which I know sounds pathetic but, the truth is the truth.. However I do wish I could somehow rid of those feelings I have for her but it’s not possible, I’ve tried.. What’s funny is I never thought this is who I’d be when I got older.. “Older”, not old lol, jussayin’…. I always pictured myself living happily ever after with my one and only baby girl but I messed it all up, and I’ve never felt this way about any other girl ever….. I’ve tried hard trust me.. I can only hope that she comes back into my arms again.. That’s my only chance of filling this long, dark, cold void of emptiness and grey…

    Ok Kim I’ll stop now.. Thank you for listening lol.. Again, sorry… I do feel silly when I do things like this but I’m the kind of guy that believes anything can happen, even if “anything” hasn’t happened for a very long time..

    I hope you have a super awesome day Kim.. !)))


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