Big bellied SSBBW looking for fat fetish fun.

Age 31
Gender Woman
Country Canada
State Quebec
City Verdun
ZIP/Postal Code H4G1P6

Well hello there, I am a ssbbw around 390 lbs, with the softest most jiggly belly you could ever hope to grab, jiggle and play with. I love my body, my weight and I am very eager to meet men who also share my passion for my expanding waistline. If ‘bigger is better’ is your motto then I am the girl for you.

I enjoy many fat and weight related activities. I love when a man tries to lift me but fails. I love wearing tight clothes that he can delight in peeling off of me and letting my blubbery rolls free so he may play with them. I love it when a man hefts up my huge belly, lifting it and struggling to hold it up. I love straddling his waist, resting my belly on his chest amongst other things.

I don’t like mean namecalling, humiliation or degradation. Or pig play. So don’t call me names please, respect my preferences and desires and we will get on swimmingly.

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