30/m exhibitionist looking for some naked fun

Age 30
Gender Man
Country United States
State Colorado
City Fort Collins
ZIP/Postal Code 80526

I’ll cut to the chase; I’m big on being naked where I shouldn’t be. Outdoors, indoors, with one person or 20, I want to try it all. To me, being naked is being vulnerable, and it’s such a rush.

I’m down to just hang with you while I’m naked in your house, but if you want to be more adventurous, even better. And no, you don’t have to be naked if you don’t want to; in fact, if I’m the only one naked, all the better!

Some ideas that spring to mind; we meet in an empty parking lot somewhere, I strip naked (probably barefoot too, if that’s ok with you) and leave my clothes in my car, hop into yours and go for a ride, leaving my stuff behind.

Another idea is finding one of the many natural areas around and going for a late night stroll with nothing on. Or, even better, stranding me naked somewhere for a while, or stranding me a certain distance from my clothes, leaving me to get back to them on my own (I once did this where my clothes were half a mile away; I’d love to push this boundary!).

I’m also down to push how many people have seen me naked (willingly, don’t want to force people into it, hence the walking at night). Presently, my record is only one at a time, so even if you know just one other person that would be down, it sounds good to me.

Even if you just have a private backyard and are willing to hide my clothes for an hour or two while I chill, or do chores for you, whatever, I’m there. I’m not really looking for sex, or even oral, but I won’t rule it out entirely.

If you want to chat about this, hit me up. Help me get naked for you!

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    Hey buddy

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